• Last week, I went to the store to buy food, as I normally do, but I encountered a problem once I got home. I put my key into the door to unlock it, and when I turned the key, it broke. Part of the key was lodged in the lock with no way for me to get it out. Since the broken key was stuck, there was no way for me to open the door. I called a 24 hour locksmith near Brisbane to come to my home and open the door as soon as possible. I bought some ice cream at the store, and needed to get it inside quickly or it would melt.

    To keep the ice cream cool, I put it in the car and turned on the air conditioner while waiting for the locksmith to arrive. Only five minutes after I made the call did the locksmith arrive at my home, which was pretty impressive. I didn’t expect him to arrive so soon, but I was glad he did, because he would be able to get to work on the lock. In order to get the broken portion of the key out of the lock, the locksmith had to use some tools and lubricant. While he was working, it was like watching a surgeon perform an operation.

    It didn’t take long for the locksmith to get the broken portion of the key out of the lock. Since I didn’t have my spare key with me, the locksmith was also able to open the door for me using his lock picking tools. It would probably be pretty cool to learn all of the techniques that a locksmith uses to open locks. I took my food out of the car and put the ice cream in the freezer to get cold.

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